The new Nike Hyperfeel

These minimalist running shoes were one of two pairs announced yesterday by Nike from their Portland campus.

I got to spend a little bit of time in them and the chance to compare them to the Nike Free Flyknit.

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The Hyperfree feature the same Flyknit one-piece uppers that appear in the original Flyknits Lunar 1+ and the new Free Flyknits. Having slipped my feet into them I can tell you that the fit is about as snug as you’re going to get. It feels like you’re wearing socks with the added protection of a sole. Not unlike the sensation you get from a pair of Vibram Fivefingers but with a little more classic running shoe feelingof support over the top of the foot and around the ankle and heel area.

I have to say that my preference was for the Free Flyknits. But that comes from the perspective of someone putting in lots of miles on tarmac who doesn’t necessarily have the time to transition to a more minimalist shoe.

The Hyperfeels do have cushioning in the form of a Lunarlon in-sole so they’re not fully barefoot and you can feel that a you stride up and down the perfecct grass of the Portland campus.

I was impressed by the overall comfort. There’s a good sensation of protection and a super lightweight ride. As with the Free Flynits I really need more time to test them on different terrains and over longer mileage to  give a full judgement but the taste I got whet my appetite.

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