Running the Bregenzerwald…

Thought I’d share some of the treats from my first run in the Bregenzerwald, Austria, from a couple of days ago. And some things I’ve learnt about Gumping (Heidi-ing) around the area:

1. There are hills. Lots of them. No surprises there. We are in the Austrain mountains.

2. There are lots of cows. They all wear bells that kick out a crazy backing track to your run. I believe this is almost certainly going to be sampled by Kanye at some point.

3. The cows look at you with menace. But they’re friendly really. This is a bonus as at times you have to cross fields right through the middle of their lunchtime graze.

4. Nike Flyknits are not the optimum shoe for this kind of trail running but they have stood up to the challenge remarkably well considering. Another reason I’m a big fan.

5. Where there are lots of cows there are lots of flies. Where there are lots of flies there are many opportunities to swallow them. I deployed my Adidas Thunder Run buff as a kind of bandit face mask to avoid dining out on mountain horse fly. Although they are meaty looking.

6. Cows aren’t a threat (see point 3) unless you’re running at them in a big yellow bandito outfit. At which point they get a bit twitchy.

7. Wearing a bright yellow t-shirt in full blown nature leads to one thing only, every insect alive sees you as a huge sunflower and makes you a target.

8. A local beer tastes 99.5% better after you’ve just run 7 miles up and down the local hills. As does the local cheese.  The local giant pretzels. The local schnapps. And the local wurst. All this is adding up to localised obesity around my gut area.

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