What the runner saw… Hello Chicago

One afternoon, one evening and one morning is all it’s taken to make me love Chicago already.

I’m flying solo in the city until Friday when a friend joins me from New York so I’ve been wandering mainly. We’ve had some stunning weather so far and it’s been a pleasure bumping into Chicago’s street art installations. Running this city is going to be real treat on Sunday.

Plans for pre-marathon clean weak took a nose dive last night though. I ran into a really top bloke at a bar who showed me around town a bit, incudling a whiskey tasting. At one point I believe we were even in a limo. Still it seems to have sorted my jetlag out in one drunken hit.

Useless fact: Everytime I’m in the US I seem to end up eating Mexican food.

Days in the US: 1

Taco count: 1

So is anyone else out there running Chicago?

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